Positive Psychology Floods our World

Our world (at work and home) is becoming almost over-saturated with positive psychology how-to’s: how to be “a happier and healthier you”.

I worry what the impact will be on our likeliness to process and express negative emotion and if we will see a rise undiagnosed mental illness cases over time if the over-saturation continues to increase.

We are telling people, on centre stage, that we as humans hold the power within us to dramatically improve our current state, in all domains of life. But what about those that can’t, those that are paralysed from their mental illness, for example.

Are we putting so much pressure on ourselves to be happy that we are avoidant of pain that needs to be addressed and felt? Are we pretending that we are happy for the sake of others on the outside when all we want to do is hide away in bed all day? Of course true happiness is what we all want for ourselves and our loved ones but life has its ups and downs. These need to be felt for so many reasons.

I believe in positive psychology but I see a risk if we as society become unbalanced in our approach. All types of emotions should be expressed and processed, we need to create a safe environment for all to do this in. Not one that is ‘so happy’ that no sadness, fear, disappointment or anxiety can be comfortably expressed.

Listen to your loved ones. Look for the little signs. Be there, always. You never know it might save or change a life.

21.Apr.14 4 days ago
21.Apr.14 4 days ago